We often get nervous, and not know the right thing to say when someone is grieving.  Below are some helpful things and words that you CAN say/do during a loss:

  • Tell them you are “Sorry for their loss.”
  • Hug them, cry with them, and sit in silence with them, sometimes words aren’t necessary so put on your listening ears!
  • If you have experienced a loss, share that experience with them, but be careful to not minimize their pain.
  • Remember the baby/Child’s birthday, or any other day that might be hard on the parents. Send them a card or note saying you are thinking of them.
  • Pray for them; pray with them.  Ask specifically what they want you to pray for.
  • Prepare meals or set up a Take Them A Meal  account, and encourage friends to sign up to send food.
  • Take her to get a massage or pedicure. (Gift certificates are nice, but most likely she won’t leave the house unless someone drags her out.)
  • Pay for a house cleaner to clean for her.
  • Cut their lawn.  One of the best gifts we received was hearing a lawn mower in our yard, and it was our neighbor cutting our lawn!  One less thing to stress about!

Have something we should add to our list?  Please contact us – info@KalebKares.com

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