The week of March 11th (22 weeks) was a whirlwind. That Saturday and Sunday before, 5th and 6th, I felt him kicking strong. That Monday, I started feeling him a lot less. I called my doctor, the reassured me that it was still early enough on, that movement could be sporadic. My ultrasound was scheduled for Thursday the 10th, and we went in, hoping against our fears. The ultrasound tech looked back and forth, and didn’t say anything for awhile. And then, as soon as she started to speak, I knew it. I knew it in the back of my mind already before that, but now it was really. She said I’m so sorry you all. There’s no heartbeat. I had the choice to come back in the next day and be induced, or go ahead and go upstairs and do it that night. We decided not to wait. It wouldn’t change anything and all I would have done was cried and made myself sick all night. I held him all day and we had a birth photographer (a dear friend of mine) take precious pictures.

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We will be posting a few special stories for the month of May. We are honoring all of our bereaved mothers with our “Mother of the Week”. The month of May is hard for so many woman that have experienced a pregnancy or newborn loss.

Do you know someone that should be honored? Simply message us their story on facebook with a picture. You can nominate a friend, your wife, daughter, or yourself.