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We will be posting a few special stories for the month of May. We are honoring all of our bereaved mothers with our “Mother of the Week”. The month of May is hard for so many woman that have experienced a pregnancy or newborn loss.
Do you know someone that should be honored? Simply message us their story on facebook with a picture. You can nominate a friend, your wife, daughter, or yourself.

Here is our first Mother of the Week – Shana and Gwenevere

ShanaIn the next few weeks Shana should be giving birth to a full term baby, but at 5 months pregnant, Shana, found out that her daughter, Gwenevere, was not compatible with life. Shana is our Mother of the Week as we know this is a very hard time for her. Being her due date soon and Mothers Day, please help us let Shana know we are all praying for her, and that she is not alone.   A note from her friend:

My best friend that’s more like my sister. What we have been through is unbelievable.  We started off this year together pregnant and at 5 months she had no choice but to deliver her perfect little princess. Gwenevere lived for 2 hours and although it was the hardest thing to ever, ever, ever be apart of especially while pregnant I’ll never in my entire life will be anything more then grateful to be there for it all. I love this girl for always being there for me as I am for her. Thank you for still being apart of my life even though it has got to be one of the hardest thing alive to see me everyday still pregnant. I love you and will always be here for you! I’m forever grateful to have been apart of Princess Gwenevere’s life. Although I’d do anything in the world for you to have your princess back and for us to be pregnant together still. This is something I give to God because I’d never and will never be able to understand why these things happen. I took this picture and it was right after her mother and I dressed princess Gwenevere. I’m so grateful I took this very painful but beautiful picture. The love of a mother is absolutely beautiful. if your reading this please pray for Shana especially with her due date coming up in a few weeks and Mother’s Day coming this weekend.

Shana Lorraine Shay Carrie