The touching story behind our candles…

The journey behind the containers we use for our candles makes them more than just any ordinary household candle – so much so that it will truly melt your heart.

Women across the country donate their breast milk; many of these women are bereaved mothers.  After the loss of their newborn baby, they decide to donate their breast milk to help other babies survive.  It helps turn their nightmare into something positive.  Babies that receive the milk may be premature or have severe illnesses and need human milk to thrive. After the milk is used, the glass container it arrives in is destroyed- that was until now!! Kaleb Kares, with the help of Musa Natural, upcycle these containers into 100% soy candles.  Our lavender and baby powder scents help comfort and relax bereaved mothers as well as candle lovers.


Kaleb Kares - Candle Process 2
Our candles, in many ways, are truly unique – from the beautiful use of the containers prior to us receiving them, to 100% of the proceeds going completely towards our project, Viviana’s Memory Boxes