Kaleb Kares, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. We have 3 main projects: Viviana’s Memory Boxes, Divine Love Adoption Funds, and Birthmom Boxes. 

We are primarily dedicated to helping parents who are grieving the tragic loss of a baby due to pregnancy loss, stillbirth,  or newborn death by supporting them during their grieving process.  We are the first point of contact when a mother loses her baby at the hospital through our project “Viviana’s Memory Boxes”.  Families receive a memory box from their nurse shortly after the baby passes.  We pray that these boxes will provide comfort and everlasting memories of their precious baby. Kaleb Kares also works with other organizations to relieve the stress of the families. Losing a newborn is very traumatic, and often families don’t know how to begin the healing process.  We will help them find the support they need.

Divine Love Adoption Funds helps families with the initial financial support when starting an adoption after a pregnancy or newborn loss.

Our Birthmom Box project is designed to help encourage birth mothers that their selfless act has not gone unrecognized.  Through our founder’s own adoption process, she found that most birth mothers experience the same grieving process as an infant-death mother would.  This box is very similar to Viviana’s Memory Boxes, but the literature inside provides hope and healing for a birth mother.